Feb 26

a testimony

Hey, just wanted to share a testimonial (that you could use).
We have been using the ICPA system of assessment and treatment protocols in our office since our seminar two weeks ago.
When we were talking about difficult patients (the ones that scream and cry), I had “Rachel” pop up in my head. I have been treating mom and sister for about 2 years and when Rachel came, she was great – until her 8-month birthday after which she became very irritated even just leaving mom’s hands. I was able today to see her and eval and treat while she was in mom’s hands. No tears – not even a peep. I was very surprised but happy w/ the result! I’m glad to get that info from the “Chiropractic Evaluation and Treatment of Children” seminar.

Dr. Rob Rice

Shiloh Chiropractic Center

May 19

When should you check babies for subluxation?

‘As the twig is bent, so grows the tree’

The simple answer is as soon as possible before it is too late. Before weight bearing the child’s spine is most adaptable to correction. It is not denied that the process of adaptation occurs prior to weight bearing however as weight bearing ensues the bones, muscles and ligaments will respond to the stress of upright posture. In place of healthy spinal development, adaptation to the subluxation is the result.

Nov 11

a Healthy Spine plus a Healthy Lifestyle equals a Healthy Body

The majority of the health problems that we see in the 5th 6th and 7th decades of life begin in early childhood. It is true that most health problems are caused by lifestyle habits we form early in life. For example, the dietary habits we learn as a child have the most influence on whether we develop obesity, diabetes or heart disease. Cigarette smoking is a learned habit which is a known cause of lung and other deadly cancers. So it is important that children are taught healthy lifestyle habits at an early age. But what about a healthy spine? Most parents are unaware of the fact that a healthy spine is essential for their child to have a healthy body. Chiropractors often see spinal arthritis in 55 year old patients which is evidence of decades of spine dysfunction. The major cause of spinal arthritis and degeneration begins early in life as biomechanical dysfunction commonly known as vertebral subluxation. It is well documented that spinal stress cause by the birth process is a leading cause of vertebral subluxation. As the child grows, subluxation interferes with proper body function limiting the body’s ability to express optimum health. Left uncorrected, subluxation will not only affect health but will likely cause spinal arthritis later in life. It is important that parents understand that the current spinal problems they have started when they were children. It is true that most parents want their children to have a healthy spine but are uninformed about the benefits chiropractic can offer. Begin teaching your patients that a healthy spine and healthy lifestyle in childhood often leads to a health body for life.

Oct 20

Leaders in a New Health Paradigm

The meteoric rise of companies such as Whole Foods is evidence that more people are choosing a healthy lifestyle. Eisenberg revealed this shift in societies thinking about health when he reported the number of visits to alternative health care doctors exceeded those visits to conventional medical doctors. In a follow up survey, ‘Why Patients Use Alternative Medicine’, John Astin found alternative health care users were more likely to subscribe to a holistic or vitalistic philosophy of health. He further stated “people who hold this philosophical orientation are attracted to alternative forms of health care because these therapeutic systems acknowledge a greater role of the nonphysical (mind/spirit) factors in creating health”. Astin’s conclusions confirm a growing societal trend towards natural, holistic health care and reveal a Kuhnian paradigm shift in our cultural regarding health beliefs. It is evident that while many patients seek chiropractic for condition-care, these same patients also embrace a belief system which leans toward a holistic, vitalistic philosophy of health. If we are to see a shift in the health beliefs of our society, we must educate families about chiropractic’s vitalistic concepts. The intimate relationship between a healthy spine and healthy body are essential for parents to know. Society is moving toward congruency with our vitalistic concepts and as such we are well positioned to be leaders in this new health paradigm of lifetime wellness.

Oct 02

Why chiropractic is so important for children?

Most people don’t know this, but the average retiree will fill 12 different prescriptions in 2010. The fastest growing cause of liver cirrhosis is now prescription drugs! People are dying because they are being poisoned by drugs. People take drugs because they don’t know any other way. They were never told about chiropractic and it’s philosophy of life and health. You may be asking why I am talking about retirees when this article is about the importance of chiropractic for children. Sixty years from today, our children will be retirees. Our children MUST learn about chiropractic and its unique philosophy. Chiropractic philosophy teaches that we have, within us, all that we need to live a healthy, vital life. We were designed to be healthy, yet most people in this world believe they were designed to fail and that they need something from the outside to keep them healthy. If we don’t teach our philosophy to this generation, then the next generation is destined to be on even more drugs than the last.