Nov 11

a Healthy Spine plus a Healthy Lifestyle equals a Healthy Body

The majority of the health problems that we see in the 5th 6th and 7th decades of life begin in early childhood. It is true that most health problems are caused by lifestyle habits we form early in life. For example, the dietary habits we learn as a child have the most influence on whether we develop obesity, diabetes or heart disease. Cigarette smoking is a learned habit which is a known cause of lung and other deadly cancers. So it is important that children are taught healthy lifestyle habits at an early age. But what about a healthy spine? Most parents are unaware of the fact that a healthy spine is essential for their child to have a healthy body. Chiropractors often see spinal arthritis in 55 year old patients which is evidence of decades of spine dysfunction. The major cause of spinal arthritis and degeneration begins early in life as biomechanical dysfunction commonly known as vertebral subluxation. It is well documented that spinal stress cause by the birth process is a leading cause of vertebral subluxation. As the child grows, subluxation interferes with proper body function limiting the body’s ability to express optimum health. Left uncorrected, subluxation will not only affect health but will likely cause spinal arthritis later in life. It is important that parents understand that the current spinal problems they have started when they were children. It is true that most parents want their children to have a healthy spine but are uninformed about the benefits chiropractic can offer. Begin teaching your patients that a healthy spine and healthy lifestyle in childhood often leads to a health body for life.

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