Oct 20

Leaders in a New Health Paradigm

The meteoric rise of companies such as Whole Foods is evidence that more people are choosing a healthy lifestyle. Eisenberg revealed this shift in societies thinking about health when he reported the number of visits to alternative health care doctors exceeded those visits to conventional medical doctors. In a follow up survey, ‘Why Patients Use Alternative Medicine’, John Astin found alternative health care users were more likely to subscribe to a holistic or vitalistic philosophy of health. He further stated “people who hold this philosophical orientation are attracted to alternative forms of health care because these therapeutic systems acknowledge a greater role of the nonphysical (mind/spirit) factors in creating health”. Astin’s conclusions confirm a growing societal trend towards natural, holistic health care and reveal a Kuhnian paradigm shift in our cultural regarding health beliefs. It is evident that while many patients seek chiropractic for condition-care, these same patients also embrace a belief system which leans toward a holistic, vitalistic philosophy of health. If we are to see a shift in the health beliefs of our society, we must educate families about chiropractic’s vitalistic concepts. The intimate relationship between a healthy spine and healthy body are essential for parents to know. Society is moving toward congruency with our vitalistic concepts and as such we are well positioned to be leaders in this new health paradigm of lifetime wellness.

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