Baby Spines: Analysis and Adjusting Techniques

Presented by: Dr. Ron Castellucci


This 12 hour program will include a review the techniques for analysis and adjusting infants and toddlers. The concept of vertebral subluxation as biomechanical dysfunction and causes such as the birth process and in-utero constraint will be covered. Muscle palpation, inter-segmental range of motion analysis techniques as well as pre and post adjustment spinal analysis procedures will be discussed, demonstrated and practiced. Segmental adjusting techniques will include discussion and demonstration and practice of the various types of thrusts and adapted manual contacts used for adjusting newborns, infants and toddlers. If your group is interested in hosting this seminar, please contact Dr. Castellucci

tel: 828-778-6603


Dr. Castellucci will be teaching in the following cities in 2014:

ICPA Full-spine Segmental Evaluation and Adjusting

May 17-18 Daytona
May 31-June 1 Chicago
June 7-8 Overland Park Kansas
July 12-13 Dallas
July 19-20 Seattle
July 26-27 Orange County California
September 13-14 Calgary
October 25-26 Atlanta

IRAPS Sherman College October 18-19

Lyceum May 1 – 3


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