Why Babies Need Chiropractic

Baby lying across a person's arm and palm

A Precious Life is in Your Hand

So why do children need chiropractic? Think about how delicate a baby is. Now imagine the stress of the birth process upon a tiny baby spine. The devastating effect of birth on the spine is the most overlooked health problem in our society for two reasons; no obvious symptoms and no visible trauma. A child’s health and the health of their spine are intimately related. It is well documented that even a so called ‘normal’ birth places tremendous stress on the spine and is a primary cause of vertebral subluxation. As the child grows, subluxation progressively interferes with proper body function limiting their ability to express optimum health. Left uncorrected, subluxation will have a devastating effect on their life. It is true that most parents want their children to have a healthy life but are uninformed about the benefits of chiropractic. There is a simple formula that parents must know: a healthy spine plus a healthy lifestyle equals a health body for life!


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