Oct 02

Why chiropractic is so important for children?

Most people don’t know this, but the average retiree will fill 12 different prescriptions in 2010. The fastest growing cause of liver cirrhosis is now prescription drugs! People are dying because they are being poisoned by drugs. People take drugs because they don’t know any other way. They were never told about chiropractic and it’s philosophy of life and health. You may be asking why I am talking about retirees when this article is about the importance of chiropractic for children. Sixty years from today, our children will be retirees. Our children MUST learn about chiropractic and its unique philosophy. Chiropractic philosophy teaches that we have, within us, all that we need to live a healthy, vital life. We were designed to be healthy, yet most people in this world believe they were designed to fail and that they need something from the outside to keep them healthy. If we don’t teach our philosophy to this generation, then the next generation is destined to be on even more drugs than the last.

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